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    Hey Jason – thanks so much for adding the Orders screen, it’s very useful! A few questions for you on our recent Orders log:

    1. We’re getting a lot of “deleted” usernames since switching to the PayPal Express gateway on 5/5. Any idea why?

    2. What does “token” mean? I’m trying to match these records up to the IPN log on PayPal but it doesn’t appear that they’re in sync (recurring payments aren’t showing in the Orders screen, which makes sense, but I don’t know what these other entries are).

    Really what we’re trying to do is figure out where the signup process breaks – we have a lot of people who end up with user accounts created in WP through PMPro but they never completed the transaction in PayPal. So doing some sleuthing to improve that.

    Thanks for any insights you might have!

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  • Hi essaysnark – just wanted to let you know that I’ve mentioned to Jason and we’ll look into.

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    I’m guessing that these are orders that are created after people click to go to PayPal to pay but are abandoned before they complete approval on your site.

    I’m going to do some tests to confirm this, and I think there may be some things we can do (be consistent with statuses) to make it easier to ignore or filter out these orders.

    BTW, [deleted] can show up when the user_id is blank. I can update this to show [blank] when it’s blank and [deleted] when it is an ID for a user that doesn’t exist anymore.


    Hi Jason (and Lisa) – thanks for looking into this.

    The [deleted] is showing up even for valid users – in fact, most of the records on the Orders report are actually showing [deleted]. I’m looking at one from yesterday, in case these details help your research:

    – It’s for a recurring subscription payment, not a new sign-up.
    – The Orders record has the correct PayPal transaction ID from the IPN log
    – The Orders Subscription says N/A
    – The Orders Status and Payment fields are blank.
    – This user has a different email address in WP than he’s using for PayPal (doubt that matters).
    – His first/last name in the WP user record are empty.

    I don’t see anything else from the WP user admin panel that’s different (I didn’t look in the DB but I can if you have something you want me to check for).

    Also: It looks like the Orders screen is appropriately filtering out at least some IPN records already. As an example, PayPal put a non-PMPRo transaction on hold recently and when they reversed it yesterday, those actions are in our IPN log but they’re not in the Orders screen, which is good.

    Let us know if we can provide other details. Thanks again!!

    Just looked into it a little bit more and it appears that this user’s initial subscription record showed up fine; his username appears in the Orders screen for that transaction. The one I just gave details on is his first recurring payment.

    It looks like under the PayPal Express gateway, all recurring payments do the [deleted] thing, but for the short time we had switched to the PayPal Standard gateway in March, all transactions showed with a username in the Orders screen. I hadn’t looked at the Orders report before so didn’t notice it earlier.

    Hi Essaysnark, is this still considered outstanding, or may I close this thread? Thanks.

    Thanks for checking Lisa. This one is still open. I have not heard back from Jason and we’re still experiencing the problem.

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    The caching may be keeping WP cron from kicking off.

    Try this to disable WP cron and kick things off with a true cron job on your server:

    Let me know if that helps.

    And make sure that the URL you set to kick off the WP cron is excluded from your cache.

    p.s. caching can cause problems in general with membership sites. See

    Hi Essaysnark,

    Checking in with you on the status of this.

    Lisa & Jason, thanks for following up. We’ll look into the links you posted but we’re doubting that this particular one is a cache issue since it works with PayPal Standard but not PayPal Express; I don’t see how we’d have different behavior per gateway if it was due to the cache. Also, the same issue was happening when we were on our previous host that didn’t have an aggressive cache, so this just makes me think that it’s something in the plugin.

    Hi Essaysnark,

    Please keep us posted on the status of this with 1.7 .0.1


    Hi Lisa – thanks for following up. For a variety of reasons we need to hold off on installing for the moment, so if it’s OK with you let’s please leave this thread open a bit longer.

    Hi essaysnark, how are you doing with

    Hi Lisa – I think you jumped the gun. This issue is not yet resolved, would you please switch the status back again until we’ve had the chance to fully test it?

    Since Jason has indicated that yet another release is due out in the next day or so, we’ve decided to hold off on upgrading again – we have to go through a lot of testing in order to put anything live on the site and we have been waiting till there’s a stable release in order to go through all of those tasks.

    We will be sure to write back again once all is working as it should. Thank you for re-opening this one so we can track status.

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