Users create feeds on front end for Multisite Blog Follow? (5 posts)

  1. Mike Price
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I posted this on WPMUdev forum but thought I could try here as well especially because great Mika might be around :) :

    Hey Guys!

    Was pondering about the ability for multisite users/admins to be able to "Bookmark" or "follow" other blogs in the network.

    I thought a great way to do this would be to allow users the abilities to create "Feeds" from the Front end using URL's of the other blogs in the network

    Similar to that of the Dashboard feed plugin you guys have but it would be for each user to configure themselves and would located in the front end (Since I removed all access to backend)

    is there anything like this that exists out there? I would be surprised if there isn't! It would be similar to the idea of following blogs on Tumblr with the ability to see posts from all those you follow. Thanks!


  2. It's not there because having WP call it self over and over is a bad idea, and ... well y'know I just don't think anyone's sat down to write it right yet. Lack of need, probably :)

  3. Mike Price
    Posted 3 years ago #

    haha that is a good point I suppose but it makes you wonder how other sites do it so well without having any issues (ie. tumblr) though I do know its not based on wordpress obviously...

    I found the "Follow" plugin that I think will work for me for now anyway. Thought the Dashboard Feeds plugin is pretty amazing at wpmu but its network activated and not per site basis :( haha... Thanks for your help Mika

  4. Tumblr was built for it :)

    WordPress.com ... I have no idea how they're doing it. Wish they'd release the code!

  5. Mike Price
    Posted 3 years ago #

    yeah I had heard that wordpress.com is doing something similar too! so now i know it must be possible! haha..I believe it or not never signed up for a blog on wordpress.com ..i hate limitations haha :)

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