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  • I’ve had my site up a couple of days and visitors/users are having trouble finding how to post. Even once they get that they have to register and login, they can’t figure it out. Then once they return to the site there isn’t a “post” where to take them back to the Dashboard so they can post. I must admit I had the same challenge until I figured out one has to get the Dashboard to make a New Post. They have No Problem with Comments its just getting to New Post/Dashboard that they can’t figure out. I am using an Adsense Theme. I know I must be missing something. I’ve search all through the Forum and I don’t see anything. Its just as ease of use as opposed to a Bug. Thanks for your help!

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    whats your question?

    The Question (s)

    1) What am I missing as far as users being able to post easily?
    2) Is there a easy way to go from a blog page back to the Dashboard to Post?
    3) What is there that will hel visitors figure out how to post?
    4)What am I missing?
    5)It can’t be this cumbersome and hard to use, can it?

    I guess that covers it. I really like WordPress so far and look forward to becoming more knowledgeable soon.
    Thanks for your time and assistance.




    1. that depends on the user.
    2. you can change the page that users are taken to when they click whatever link they click, wp-admin/index.php is the dashboard. .. they could just as easilty be sent to wp-admin/post.php
    3. Again, that depends on the user. WordPress is, in my opinion, very user-friendly, in fact sometimes, its TOO user-friendly. But that doesnt mean that everyone is going to find it to be that way.
    4. not alot 🙂 you just have to realize that everything has a learning curve
    5. nope, and its not.


    Put a nice large POST YOUR CONFESSION button on your site that links to

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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