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    When I enable Editing permissions for one of my User Roles, they can edit regular WordPress pages but not Elementor pages. What additional capabilities do I need to assign to them so that they can edit these pages?
    Many thanks!

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    Hi @megseoh

    This approach should work: https://publishpress.com/knowledge-base/roles-edit-single-page/

    If it doesn’t, please send a support ticket via our site with specific details and screnshots of your set up.

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    Thanks for your quick response!
    How does the plugin resolve conflicting rules?
    My editing member (editing yes) is also a subscriber (editing no) on our membership site. Could that be the issue?

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    Hi @megseoh. A “No” restriction will always win, even if the user also has “Yes” from another setting.

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    @megseoh Here are a few clarifications on how the plugin applies permissions:

    First, we need to distinguish between two different types of permissions:

    • Role capabilities (edit posts, edit_pages, edit_published_pages, etc). These may be configured using a plugin but are generally implemented by the WordPress core or third party plugins.
    • Term-specific or post-specific permissions (Enable Post editing in Category A, Block Page editing for Page N and its subpages). These are implemented by the Permissions plugin, and can supersede role capabilities.

    Role capabilities are generally additive, meaning that in a multiple role configuration, a capability from one role outshines the lack of that capability in the other role. However, role capabilities can also be assigned negatively. So if your Editor role has the edit_pages capability assigned but your Subscriber role has edit_pages negated, a user with both roles would be unable to edit pages. In our PublishPress Capabilities plugin, negated capabilities are represented with a red X.

    Content permissions implemented by this plugin use your role capabilities as a starting point and allow further adjustment for specific categories or posts. Here’s how “competing” permissions are resolved:

    We support a constant definition (PP_RESTRICTION_PRIORITY) which will cause “No” to take priority. But by default, it’s the other way around:

    • “Enabled” takes priority over “Blocked”

    Note, though, that the permission qualification (is it assigned for a specific post or for a specific term) also matters:

    • Post-assigned permissions take priority over term-assigned permissions

    So if a post is enabled per-category but blocked per-post, the restriction will win. Now for a final wrinkle: to accommodate Administrators who want category permissions to have final say, this rule can be reversed by turning off the following plugin setting:

    • Permissions > Settings > Core > Post-specific Permissions take priority
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    I don’t think this information is a solution for the OP, but I had a similar issue.

    Turns out, the Elementor Builder Plugin has an authorization check that requires a user role to have ‘edit_posts’ granted or else the builder will not load/throw a permission error.

    You can find that return statement here: \wp-content\plugins\elementor\core\editor\data\globals\controller.php

    Line 21 get_permission_callback() has a return statement: return current_user_can( 'edit_posts' );

    In my case with a custom role, custom capabilities for a custom post type I was at a lost.

    — I don’t necessarily suggest modifying this line of code, because of the overwrites when updating the plugin, but if you need a temporary fix this can help —

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    Thanks for reporting this @jricesystemsinsight. Elementor isn’t the only pagebuilder to have this restriction. I’ll see if we can come up with a reliable workaround.

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    Update: I think this workaround should help most people:

    Let us know if it doesn’t work, or needs to be expanded for your situation.

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