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    The “View Ticket” button in user support emails shows the title and text of a user-submitted ticket, but does not show the admin replies. And the page does not provide any way for a user to add their own replies.

    I am using “User Role Editor” to add the 5 Ticket capabilities (including “reply_ticket”) to Subscribers.

    Neither can users view admin replies nor add their own replies when they click on the ticket title in their list of support requests.

    My site is using the Divi theme, which I understand is not compatible with Awesome Support. But I wonder if you have encountered this issue before and can recommend a quick fix.

    I’d be happy to create a temporary Subscriber account if you want to see this for yourself.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author melliesou


    Hi @oakleystudio,

    I really want to help you in an economical way here in the free support forum. Determining the differences between the working instance and non-working instance will distill the problem the quickest. Given the response from Divi, it looks like they aren’t sure as their suggestion is to trace the program. (You had also mentioned earlier that when you disable Divi under that circumstance, then the tickets will show up – I’m also wondering if this is still the case).

    If there are two versions and one is working and the other isn’t working, then finding what that difference is will give us a boost on solving this together. Do you mean that there are many differences between the two versions (so it would be hard to compare), or is there only a few differences which can be enabled/disabled to find why there is a difference in how they work?

    Hope we can help solve this for you! 🙂

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    Divi tech believes they have found a solution, related to Divi’s “Theme Options.” These options can be exported from one site and imported to another. We are now testing to see if that works reliably to solve this issue. It’s also possible that my site database has some corruption, so I will be looking into repairing, if that is called for. Will keep you posted.

    Plugin Author melliesou


    Ok, thanks @oakleystudio – I’ll be here to read your updates in this thread.

    I ran mysqlcheck on my site’s database tables and all were OK. What we discovered was that exporting Divi “Theme Options” from the working site and importing to the non-working site was able to get Awesome Support working properly with Divi. But why? To figure that out, I needed to compare all the settings in Theme Options, find all the differences, and see which specific setting was causing Awesome Support to stop working.

    It was not at all obvious, but after much testing over the past 10 days, I’ve can reliably “flip a switch” in Divi Theme options and get Awesome Support to work properly or not work (ie: not display all replies to users.)

    And the switch is (TA-DA!) “Grab the first post image” on the first “General” page of Divi Theme Options. This is Disabled by default. When Enabled (as it is on my Live site), it causes Awesome Support to not display ticket replies properly to support users.

    Melliesou, thanks for hanging in there (for a few weeks!) while we were digging into this to arrive at a solution. Hope it helps you provide support for other Divi users in the future. As you encounter other Divi sites that have issues with Awesome Support, this is one possible solution. And I think it’s on Divi to fix this conflict in a future update.

    Plugin Author melliesou


    Hi @oakleystudio,

    Thanks for the detailed explanation of the issue. That’s interesting that the “Divi Theme options” settings for “Grab the first post image” on the “General” page must be set to disabled. You are correct, on a basic analysis in our lab, we can confirm this is a defect in Divi for that feature.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to troubleshoot this issue, we really appreciate it.

    Thanks, i got the same problem. It helps me so much.

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