• Hey,

    It’s a unique(ish) situation but one I hope someone can help me with.

    I have a post form which I want to be able to review the post before it’s publish.

    Once a post has been published I don’t want the user to have to go through the approval process again and automatically publish changes.

    All that is fine as I have set:
    Post Settings -> Post Status -> Pending Review
    Edit Settings -> Post Status -> Published

    The problem is, I want the user to be able to save their progress part the way through the ‘creation’ of the post to be able to come back and finish later and then submit the post for review.

    But while in the creation process if you save your progress that post has now moved to ‘Draft’ and part of the ‘Edit’ flow. Meaning when submitted, the post with bypass the review stage and be published straight away.

    Any help appreciated!

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  • That makes sense.
    I need that too.

    Hello @spbuckle,

    Have you enabled saving as draft option from the form settings. When this option is enabled user can give opportunity users to save their partial post and edit anytime they want and submit. After submitting the post the status will be assigned according to the form new post settings.

    Refer Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/h9cvyu


    Hi There,

    I have enabled ‘Save to Draft’ .. the problem I have is when a user submits the post for the first time I want it to set the post as Pending so I can approve it before it goes live.

    After I have put it live, any subsequents edits to the post after that I want to publish automatically but because the publish state is set to ‘Pending’ they would have to go through the approval process again.

    I COULD set edits to be published automatically but then if a user saves a draft of a post (before the initial submission) and then comes back to the post if they publish the post it will bypass the Pending State.

    I hope that makes sense.

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