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Users and admin cannot edit profile via back end

  • Hi, an increasing number of my users want to edit their profiles via the backend wp admin panel in addition to the options you offer in the edit information section of the members area. At the moment if they want to edit their colour scheme etc a blank screen comes up saying “do you really want to do this” with no yes or no option. Then it says wordpress failure.

    Also whenever I try to edit a users profile as the administrator, whatever the option I am editing, when i click update profile it flashes up “you can’t give users that role”/wordpress error and no changes can be made.

    I have deactivated plugins including amr users and email users but still the issue remains

    I was scanning through previous threads and found this written by chad

    If you want your users to be able to edit via the backend (WP admin panel), you would need to make some slight changes. In order to make certain aspects of the plugin lighter (i.e. not loading necessary functions when they are not needed), the admin functions are not loaded unless the logged in user has a role that can edit users (which generally a subscriber cannot). This can be changed in the main plugin file wp-members.php by changing (or removing) the conditional statement that loads the admin file.

    Where do I find the main plugin file, what is the conditional statement and how do I change (or remove it? (If we think this is the solution)

    Many thanks!


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  • Ps my users default role is as a subscriber. Thanks

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    @tommyg10 – what version of the plugin are you using? The changes mentioned in that thread are based on 2.6.4 and earlier code. 2.6.5 implemented those changes (and some others) that clear that issue up. So either you have an outdated version of the plugin, or you have some other issues.

    Hi Chad

    Im using version 2.7.7, latest I believe? Any thoughts on the other issues or plugins known to cause this issue? I have the anyone can register unchecked in settings


    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Yes 2.7.7 is the latest (although I expect to release 2.8.0 today).

    I did just run a test and can confirm that 2.7.7 does work when updating the profile. I would say there may be a conflict with another plugin. Have you tried testing with other plugins disabled?

    yes I have tried deactivitating all plugins but no luck and also I now cannot edit user profiles as the administrator (such as give them a new password etc)

    it says you can’t give users that role…this makes no sense as I am not changing their role (default subscriber) just editing their profile!


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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