• I have been running a WordPress site for a few weeks now.

    I am very confused about one particular issue.
    And recently i have turned my site into a Multisite Network and this issue is causing me a lot of grief i wonder if there is any one out there who can clarify this issue for me.

    On my site i have been getting a lot of ‘New Users.’
    Firstly I would like to to know what is a ‘New User’?
    Is it someone who trys to login and creates a new login ?
    How are they creating these new user accounts when i don’t have an option in my menues to create a new user?

    These New users that have been appearing don;t seem to be real people either.. as when i have attempted to contact them their emails don’t exist.

    Now that i am setting up a Multisite Network I am to either allow users to register stores with in my site or allow stores and so on… but i still can’t for the life of me even find out how someone becomes a ‘user’ on my site…???

    I would have liked to create a button in my menu to ‘apply to hold a store within my network’ but i don’t seem to have any understanding of this side of my site.

    Any help would be great!!

    Signed ‘IN THE DARK’

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  • Hi. You might find these resources helpful:


    It sounds like you might have your site configured so that “anyone can register” (see the second link above), which is allowing users to sign up for accounts on your site. It may be that there are automated scripts out on the Internet automatically signing up for accounts, in hopes of then accessing some content on your site and/or using it for spamming. If you disable the option for new users to create accounts for themselves, that activity should stop, and then you can delete the unwanted user accounts.

    I hope that helps.

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