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  • Hi there Benoit,

    i’ve found a bug in usernoise with the usage of wp-supersized. i’ve warned usernoise developer about it, so a workaround solution was developed. The thing is, when installed both plugins and when on mouse over the usernoise button on the left, the button makes a 90ยบ slide effect.

    So i’ve looked around the code of wp-supersized that caused this, and the function is this one:

    (function(b,H,I){function M(a,b,j,l,k,d,c,n,p){var o=!1,c=!0===c&&!0===n,b=b||{};b.original||(b.original={},o=!0);||{};b.secondary=b.secondary||{};for(var n=b.meta,m=b.original,,N=b.secondary,A=q.length-1;0<=A;A--){var C=q[A]+"transition-property",D=q[A]+"transition-duration",e=q[A]+"transition-timing-function",j=c?q[A]+"transform":j;o&&(m[C]=a.css(C)||"",m[D]=a.css(D)||"",m[e]=a.css(e)||"");N[j]=c?(!0===p||!0===x&&!1!==p)&&J?" on jquery.animate-enhanced.min.js.

    Just to warn about this “bug”.

    thanks a lot for your time.


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