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    I appear to have finally gotten into the wordpress.org site, but it’s not one of the easier things I ever did.

    I have been getting notifications from wordPress.org that I have two different usernames
    and that has been throwing me for a major loop. They are nothing close to eachother. But I originally signed up for an account, I think with wordpress.com, in a class I was enrolled in a few years ago, and chose a password then. I didn’t finish that class, and left wordpress alone for a few years. I’ve recently gotten back to it. I was hoping to change my username, which is apparently not possible, but Ive gotten emails for resetting my password, it seems, the two different usernames each come up (in separate emails) and that is one thing that is throwing me for a loop. I do record these new passwords in emails I send myself, and, to my discredit, sometimes I’ve neglected to save the new password in that page as I’m recording it for my reference.
    I finally got in this morning and have saved the ^&$%* password on the login screen, but it seems to me the process of accessing my site is far more difficult than it should be. Does anyone else have these issues? Thanks for any replies.

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    In this case, there are three entirely separate accounts:

    1. If your site is a self-hosted WordPress site (not one at WordPress.com), it is entirely self-contained, and will therefore have its own username/password to get in.

    2. WordPress.org, which is where we are now, is not connected to your site in any way. This is simply where we make, distribute, and support the software, so it also has its own username/password to get in.

    3. WordPress.com is an entirely separate entity from both WordPress.org and your site, so that makes a third potential username/password under the “name” of WordPress I suppose. https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_vs_WordPress.com

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