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  • Hey guys,

    I just upgraded to 2.7, and everything is running correctly expect one thing: when i try and login to the admin, the welcome message always says “Howdy, Jesse…” no matter which user I log in with.

    Anyone know the fix for this?

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  • Never seen this for the Howdy name but have seen a similar problem when not being able to select admin for a post author or reporting the wrong author name for posts…so

    This is one avenue that usually fixes those problems:
    1.Create new admin user (e.g. newadmin) with Administrator Role
    2.Login as ‘newadmin’
    3.Degrade the old ‘admin’ user to Role of Subscriber and Save
    4.Promote the old ‘admin’ back to Administrator Role and Save
    5.Login as the old ‘admin’

    If that doesn’t work try:
    1.Create a new admin user (e.g. newadmin) with Administrator Role
    2.Login as ‘newadmin’
    3.Delete the old ‘admin’ user and assign any posts to ‘newadmin’
    4. Create ‘admin’ user with Administrator Role
    5. Login as ‘admin’
    6. Delete ‘newadmin’ user and assign posts to ‘admin’

    Please let us know if this works for you. Thanks.

    I have the same problem with 2.7. The owner account name is always used for ‘Howdy, XXXX’ regardless of user logged in and I verified the code in admin-header.php is <?php printf(__(‘Howdy, %2$s‘), ‘profile.php’, $user_identity) ?>.

    If I remove the first name for the owner account it just shows ‘Howdy,’ which seems kind of silly.

    Tried the un-promote/re-promote steps above to no avail. Don’t really want to delete my main account so for now I’m using the Better Howdy plugin found here:

    Hopefully this gets fixed because this shouldn’t need a plugin and I could probably figure the code out but my blog eats enough of my time.

    Eventually, there should be a field in the admin area to change the welcome message to ‘Hello’, ‘Greetings’, etc.

    ok, I just figured out my problem and it has to do with the “custom admin branding” plugin.

    What I did in the mean time is:
    1) edited the plugin custom admin branding to remove the ‘Howdy,’ so that only the name shows

    2) then I use the “better howdy” plugin to replace the user “name” with “my profile” since I don’t have time to figure the code fix right now. At least now it shows “My Profile | Turbo | Log out“.

    I will post a bug fix request on the custom admin branding page.

    ok, here is the fix, I guess Josh just hasn’t updated the custom admin branding code yet, or at least my wp 2.7 version doesn’t detect a newer plugin version.

    edit the plugin and find this:

    Around line 97 in custom_branding.php replace:

    $user_info = get_userdata(1);
    echo($user_info->first_name . ā€œ\nā€);


    global $current_user;
    get_currentuserinfo(); echo($current_user->user_firstname . ā€œ\nā€);

    This should do it.

    Actually, use this code:

    replace this:

    $user_info = get_userdata(1);
    echo($user_info->first_name . “\n”);

    with this:

    global $current_user;
    if (isset($current_user->user_firstname)){
    get_currentuserinfo(); echo($current_user->user_firstname);
    } else {
    get_currentuserinfo(); echo($current_user->user_login);

    =) Cheers.

    The described code/fix not working in version 2.8.4!
    It is the same code in the new plugin version 1.3.4.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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