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    I have a question concerning username in coments section.
    When user use login through G+, twitter, FB the username become a link to his profile or personal page on that socail network.
    But when using VK the username is just username, it is not clickable at all. Why?
    I would like the VK username to be a link to his profile as well.
    Or I want too much?)


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  • Plugin Author Rajat Varlani


    I just logged in at your website using Vkontakte and my username at comment form is clickable.

    No-no-no, you didn’t catch me well.
    I meant that username is not clickable in comments after user has posted a comment.
    An example is here http://www.secret-ingredient.ru/uncategorized/pepper/
    1st comment was made through G+, 2nd – facebook, 3rd – twitter, last one – vkontakte. Only Vkontakte username here is not clickable when you hover it.

    Plugin Author Rajat Varlani


    Okay, got it.
    Wordpress links the username in comment to the “Website” profile field of that user, if the field is not blank. In case of Vkontakte, user’s “Website” field cannot be fetched so it is blank and therefore, without a link to the user’s website in comment.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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