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    My wordpress username appears to have been deleted. Is this possible? Not only am I getting a 403 Forbidden error on my website, but I cannot login to wordpress to figure out what could be wrong.

    I do not have my wp-config.php file stored locally and because my username is deleted I cannot access the file via ftp.

    Is there any hope for me to recover my wordpress content?

    Heavy sigh,

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    Check if your hosting company provides a File Manager application. Also you can reset your FTP password in the control panel of your hosting provider or call the company and have them reset your ftp password.

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    I am sure at some point your ‘credentials’ will pop up.

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    a 403 error has nothing to do with a WordPress user account. It sounds like the directory permissions have changed on the server.

    The FTP account is also totally independent of the WordPress account. Deleting the WordPress account will not affect your FTP username & password. Ask your hosting company to check the permissions.



    Thank you for your responses. I dc not know who my hosting company is. How do I find this out? I think the company that I work for may have cancelled the hosting account.

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    If the hosting is still active and linked to the domain, you could use a site such as discover who hosts it.

    The best way would be to ask the person who set up the hosting or is responsible for signing the cheques to pay for it.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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