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  1. jaspn
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I use WordPress as a CMS for one of my clients. I'm accessing the admin of the site quite often (about twice a week), using the same username and password. However, this morning I go to log in as per usual - my browser, Chrome, automatically fills in the Username and Password fields as it always does, then I get the message "ERROR: Invalid username.". This has never happened before. I haven't made any changes to profiles or passwords, and I doubt my client could either as they have only have Author privileges.

    I prod further to find out what exactly is going on, and it appears my username which was 'jason', has been reset (or changed) to 'admin'. I then try and login using the username 'admin', using each and every one of my passwords I have, but with each time my password is invalid. The only way I was able to remedy this was to reset the password for 'admin'.

    I can confim my username was in fact 'jason', as many of the pages are published by 'jason' and not 'admin'! I also logged in using my client's credentials and their account appears unaffected.

    A little bit of history:
    The site was first setup on my own server until the site was approved, I then migrated it to the client's own server where it now lives. This was done over a month ago.

    I'm wondering if it's an issue with Chrome and caching, or something more serious like a bug or intrusion. All content on the site appears unaffected. Has anybody heard of this happening?

  2. Pali Madra
    Posted 4 years ago #


    The same happened to a website I'm working on. The admin username which was "guru" was changed to "gawadooo". I had installed WordPress 3 days back.

    The install was a new one. No customization had been done to the code. Only two plugins were installed

    i)ThemeFuse Maintenance Mode and
    ii) BulletProof Security

    The username has been changed and I know this for sure. I have the confirmation mail which was sent when the WordPress was setup and now the mail when I clicked on "lost password". The username is different one in both the emails. I'm perplexed and curious to know what is happening with the site.

    @jaspn how did you fix the issue. Since it has been 2 weeks since you reported it is the website in question working now or were there more instances of the admin username being changed.

    I'm going to clean the server and do a fresh install.

    Will update if there are more issues.

  3. webjames
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Same thing is occuring for me as well. I installed WordPRess 3 few days back but it has been working fine since then.

    I checked the database and it has the same username and password I am trying to use.

    I checked another account and it will not logon

    I tried to register am I am unable to logon as well.

    I reset the server and still have the same results using all browsers

    Any suggestions?

  4. jaspn
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I fixed the issue by using the username 'admin' and resetting the password. I just use the 'admin' username now - as 'jason' has seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

    I have another theory. I develop all my websites locally on localhost to begin with. When it's ready for client viewing, I migrate it online. I think there's a username conflict happening with what you had setup on localhost, to what you have on the new live server. Just a theory.

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