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  1. One of my clients, an authorized user in her sub-site, contacted me the this morning that she just noticed that a bunch of pages are showing as the author "mikez"-- who she didn't recognize. She wondered if her site had been hacked.

    I checked, and about half of the pages in her 25-page site have this user showing as the author, although I KNOW that this person did not create those pages (they were all created by ME).

    When I click on the author name, the dashboard just refreshes the All Pages page. The user does not show in the users for this subsite.

    As a stab in the dark, I searched the username in the Network Admin dash, and found that the user account is one for a relatively new sub-site.

    I did a quick sample of the 50+ other sites in the network, but no others are showing this (or any other unexpected) username.

    I've never seen this before, and I can't find anything through a google-search. Anyone have any idea what is going on? And just as important: how to fix it?


  2. What are the user IDs? I wonder if they're like 8 and 88 or something...

    Also do you have any caching going on?

    When you edit the page, who shows up as the author?

  3. The unauthorized user on this site is id=98

    Authorized users are ids= 38, 105, 104

    No caching.

    When editing the page, the unauthorized user "mikez" shows up as the author. If I change the author from the drop-down selection and update the page, it does save & stick, and "mikez" is no longer an option for changing the author again.

    I can certainly manually change the authors on all the affected pages, but before I did that, I wanted to know if there was some bigger problem going on that I should be aware of...

  4. BTW, I did discover that two authorized users-- one superadmin, and an edtor-level user account of mine have the same user id-- #38.

    This doesn't seem to be causing any issues--at least for now. I don't use that editor-level account for much beyond checking what my editor-level users are seeing in their dashboards. I could easily get rid of it if having the same ID posed a problem.

  5. Hmm... in the dashboard, the two users showed as the same ID. In the database, they show as id=3 and id=38...

  6. After consulting with the client, it was likely user id=38 who actually authored the pages, and mikez is listed as id=98.

    Sorry for all the small posts....

  7. in the dashboard, the two users showed as the same ID.

    How are you showing the user IDs in the dashboard?

    If 3 and 38 are showing the same, and 98 and 38 sharing posts, something's gone weird...

  8. Ok. Solved the id=3 & id=38 issue-- I think my bifocals need adjusting. I was finding ids by hovering over the username in the admin dash. I mis-read id=3&wp_... as id=38. My error.

    But user id=98 definitely shows up in the wrong site.

    BUT he didn't author any new pages/post or even actually edit any. I think it's just that the name of the author has changed on posts that were definitely done by user id=38.

    Ever hear of page/post authors switching like that? Where would I even look for the source of THAT problem?

  9. That sounds vaguely similar to the guy who had the wrong gravatar showing up for an author ....

    Does anything show up in the revision log for the post?

  10. Unfortunately, I turned off page/post revisions a while back, since this particular network really didn't need them, and I thought it would help keep the database lean (and hopefully faster!).

    I've looked through a sampling of other sites, and I think this is the only instance of this happening. I can easily change the page authorship. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't some larger, more sinister problem afoot.

    Unless you can think of some reason I shouldn't, I'll probably change the authorship next week when I recover from the holiday week.

    Thanks for your help, Mika!

  11. I'd change the authorship, and then turn on revisions. Set them to 10 and just keep an eye on things. This COULD be the case of someone being boneheaded. I hope so....

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