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    Would it at all be possible for WordPress to have it’s own user system where you were required to register in order to post comments?
    This would be a very useful feature (as it would stop people using other people’s user names in comments. It would also make it easier to subscribe to blogs and quickly post comments).


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  • The user system is there already, but it isn’t hooked into the comments.



    Actually if it’s anything like B2’s it’s quite robust and easily expanded on. Probably could be integrated into the comments section I never tried.



    But this should remain optional. Blogging lives from it’s spontaneity, from allowing users to post their comments right away, without urging them to go through long registration procedures. There are pro’s that speak for this system, but if you hope to stop comment spammers from doing their work: I guess this won’t work for long. They’ll find a way to go around that…


    It might be nice to have it setup so that registered user comments are specified by a little icon of some sort or a short phrase in some portion of the page and unregistered users could post with a name like they do now, but they couldn’t claim for certain they are who they say they are. That way you keep the spontaneity and yet have the element of ID protection for those regular visitors who care.


    I mean that the user is who they say they are because they have signed up and reserved the name with a password. Doesn’t matter the quality of their character, just that no one else can pretend to be them unless they get their password.

    Could someone look at this and at least say if it could or couldn’t be done?
    Thanks again.


    IMO, what we have as of now is good ‘nough. If only threaded comment is *Integrated*.

    It’s software, everything is “possible”. 🙂

    hmm. so WP will infact fullfil the ultimate wish…
    Make Coffee?
    Awesome! Thanks Alex for the hope.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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