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  • Hello,

    This is my scenario.
    I have several WordPress installations, which are all multisites in nature, which in turn form, WordPress Networks. Main installation is “”

    Installation one is Africa, a multisite which is ‘,’ and has ‘,’ ‘,’ ‘,’ ‘,’ and so on..

    Installation Two is America, also a multisite which is ‘,’ and has ‘,’ ‘,’ ‘,’ ‘,’ and so on..

    Installation Three is Asia, also a multisite which is ‘,’ ‘,’ ‘,’ ‘,’ ‘,’ and so on..

    All main network sites, “,” “,” and “” are connected and being controlled from Parent Site; “” (theme, plugin and user management)

    Now, on ‘user management’ is where I’m having a bit of a challenge.
    When a user visits “” or any of America’s child sites, they synchronized and do no need to login.

    but when the same user visits jumps from ‘America’ to ‘Africa,’ they are no longer recognized. They have need to register, that’s when they can login.

    I would like the user to be able to sign in, without multiple ‘registrations,’ just as we do on ‘,’ ‘,’ ‘,’ and ‘,’

    Anyone know of free plugin that can synchronize users on separate WordPress installs??

    Many Thanks..

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  • If I’m right you have installed wordpress several times in folders (‘Africa’, ‘asia’ ..).

    if you have this setup then the only route to having a common user base is to point to the same tables in the database. ref codex..

    basically you need to update you installation wp-config files with

    define( 'CUSTOM_USER_TABLE', $table_prefix.'my_users' );
    define( 'CUSTOM_USER_META_TABLE', $table_prefix.'my_usermeta' );

    However, there is a different route and only install wordpress once in the root site public folder of the site and use ‘WP Multi Network’ to have multiple networks in , etc. In this way you have only one user base table but default (since you only have one WordPress installation albeit a multi-Network-Multisite-installation)

    But with either of the methods above used you can use something like join-my-multisite to auto enrole users to sites if that are an activated user already on a different site within one network (i don’t think it would allow auto enrole across networks)

    hope that makes sense.


    I feel a donation coming on here. I have the “Master/Primary” Multi-Network-multi-site set up with two “child” or “sub” multi-site networks.

    I just set up the “master” multi-network-site this morning. I used the plugin user sync and presto.. a few hours later see the “child” multi-sites in the Multi Network.

    I tested Add users plugin with no success. So.. I know I went a long way around the barn to get to the gate.. but.. here is comes.

    Are you saying that by my installing the “join-my-multisite” plugin on the “master site” that I can “import” or rather “sync” all my users across all multi-sites?

    If yes.. this is good.. no great news..

    And since you have delved into this realm.. What about SSO single sing on for access to all multisites within the Multi Network of Multi sites. Whew.. thanks you and kind regards,

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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