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  • Hey everyone,

    I wanted to ask your help regarding a login suggestions. I am currently developing my website and it is going pretty well. However, I would like to have a login functionality where each client can access a member only page, but each client will get their own unique invoices and reports rather than having a common page for all users.

    So when users register says Client X, now I can upload Client X’s specific invoice and report so they can download it. The same goes for Client Y but with their own invoice and report.

    Kindly let me know if this is feasible. I appreciate your help.

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  • When a user logs in WordPress and goes into the dashboard, they see the profile data specific to them and not other users.
    Similarly, when a user logs in on a Woocommerce e-store, they see the orders, invoices, and cart specific to them.
    All they are seeing is their user-meta. Your case is similar to the above examples and is therefore very possible. However it would require custom coding, and if you are not very familiar with WordPress development, you should hire a developer to do it for you.

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