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  • I have a website that needs to have some functionality added to it. The website is built on WordPress. My customer is a company that cleans restaurants. They need to be able to take before/after pictures of the restaurants they clean and upload them to their site for their customers to view and download. The customers need to be able to view and pay invoices associated with the uploaded pictures.

    Here are the user stories for this functionality:

    User accounts that give access to a restaurant location can be created and managed by admin
    User accounts (regional managers) that provide access to several locations can be created and managed by admin.
    Images can be uploaded by admin so that they are accessible to specified user accounts.
    Images are associated with a restaurant location and a service call.
    Invoices can be created by admin and assigned to user accounts
    Images can be cross referenced with invoices
    Users cans login and pay their invoices

    From a modeling standpoint, I need to be able to set up the following relationships:

    • restaurant locations
    • service calls – 0 or more for each restaurant
    • users – associated with 1 or more restaurant locations
    • invoices – 1 or more per service calls

    I’ve looked through several WordPress plugins, and I’ve found several that do parts of what I want, but I’m having trouble putting together the whole solution. Does anyone know if these requirements too sophisticated to be done using out of the box WordPress plugins?

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  • Josh


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    It’s most likely too specific, to be handled with plugins. You are talking about some pretty specific functionality there.

    It can certainly be done within the confounds of WordPress. But, it would probably require a little custom plugin development to tweak to your liking.

    I come from a restaurant background… so I can certainly see it’s potential 😉

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