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  1. johnhorton79
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Good Evening Everyone,

    I am a new WordPress user and I have successfully installed multi sites for WordPress

    My question is I want to run a online mall with the main site listing all the other sites


    is it possible for users to sign up for shop1.mainsite.co.uk and not shop2.mainsite.co.uk

    as it looks like when a user signs up it signs them up to all sites

    Kind RegardS


  2. When a user signs up, they are registered on the network. They are only a member of a specific site if you (a) make them or (b) have a plugin that makes them.

  3. johnhorton79
    Posted 4 years ago #

    ok great so they sign up to the network and not individual sites, is there a way of getting additional fields added to the registration process or would the be done my an e-commerce plug in

  4. There are probably some plugins for it. I don't remember any off the top of my head though :/

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