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  • I have open registration on my website. And I have a kinda profile page where all my members (not many at the moment) have a profile (avatar and short story).
    So far I have to write the profile for people, but I would like the possibility for EVERY user level to write on that page in some way.
    Offcourse, users at the “high” level can write as crazy as they want. But I would like it so that even Subscribers and Contributors can write on that page also without me having to do it for them.

    Maybe some kinda form in their user profile section (where they change password). So they just upload an avatar that will place itself at top and then a short story (150-200 words) and then they just submit it and.. voila, it’s on the page.

    Hope that I’m not confusing people here and that some of your “geeks” can help me out on my little problem here 🙂

    P.S. I’m somewhat of a known user with PHP, but I have my limit.

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