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  • I am looking for a plugin where a user can select and deselect categories to view on a list of posts.

    Basically, I have a responsive front page with infinite scrool, which displays all the posts of all categories on my site.

    At the top (in header.php), I have a list of all the categories that the site includes. I would like the user to be able to activate/deactivate the categories, so my page only shows posts in the activated categories.

    A workaround or different way of doing this would be awesome as well.

    Anyone know of a pklugin that does this, or does something similar to this? Or will I need to make it from scratch?

    PS: sorry that I haven’t provided a link to my page; it’s on a local thingy and not launched yet.

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  • In case someone comes accross this thread, here’s a workaround that I am using.

    I installed the Faceted Search plugin and edited the button text and look of the plugin.

    It’s now a checklist of my categories that the user can select/deselect and then press “update” (instead of “search”), which will show all posts in those categories (I’ve removed the search field).

    The plugin keeps the boxes checked, so the user can see what categories they are browsing through.

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