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  • I’d like my posts to be in one language, but to give users a choice as to what language they see for the WP interface. I looked around but all the info I could find was either for a monolingual interface in another language, or for posting in multiple languages. Anyone have any tips?


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  • Do you mean the backend or the frontend?

    Sorry for the confusion: the backend.

    I can’t remember any plugin that would do that. There are a few plugins that can offer language selection on the frontend, but I am not sure about the backend 🙁 <– this is the latest one. Some more in the Codex:

    Though as I said, they are mainly about the frontend…
    (on my site there is an article about the multilingual WP “history” – prior to Gengo.)

    Interesting, having user-defined backend languages is pretty standard for other online software, like forums. I would hope that this could be implemented in future versions.

    I’ve looked at this some more, and it looks like it shouldn’t be that hard. All the language files are stored in a single directory and which language is used is configured entirely by a single line in the wp-config.php. Someone just needs to make this part of the user profile instead of the universal config.

    In other words, when you go to your user settings you should be able to choose the language you want to work in. And the administrator should be able to set a “default language” for new users.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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