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  • Hi, let me start off by saying that I love WordPress and it’s capabilities, it is outstanding and easy to use – but I’m having a huge problem with the lack of User Role control that I have as an administrator on the website that I help run. You see, unlike normal blog sites that may only post text based blogs and such – we use WP to post videos, yeah lame it’s an anime site, but whatever. My problem is that – When we hire someone new people to add videos, we need them to be able to add categories, post anime without consent, and edit/fix everyones posts in case a video link is broken… much like an Editor role.. but we do not want them to have access to our Page folder, messing with pages, etc.. so we are forced to keep them at Author role – which is terrible because they depend on us, higher ranked, to make categories [which ends up being the folder we put the anime episodes into] for them.. but we still can not trust them to leave all of the Pages and such open to their whims or exploration/destruction.

    Is there any way to solve this problem or would I have to roll it back to WordPress 2.7.1 in order to have a better, more efficient and managable role setting? I wish there was just a way to assign Administator made roles with abitilies chosen by the administrator. That would be amazing! Any add-ons or hacks to do this?

    Sorry for the ranting, but I’m sure you can see the reason for my sadness. We get people that join us and are ready to work hard but then they must depend on the higher ranking people and they end up quitting or they stop posting.

    Oh! Also.. Authors can not post Embedded videos.. only videos that use direct URL and load into players we have added [veoh, FLV, etc]. Which is a major problem because some of the anime we end up being forced to post is Megavideo, and it’s only able to really be embedded.

    Sorry again 😛

    Thanks for your time and I hope there is something we can do to get around this – and that this may help in decisions for changes in User Role for later versions, perhaps.

    Josh of

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  • Why don’t you use the Role Scoper or Role Manager plugin to create your own defined User Roles?

    Thanks a ton. I received an email from one of the creator (Matt)’s friends and he told me about Role Manager..

    Role Manager works EXACTLY how I wanted! Thanks so much all! 😀

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