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    Hi there,

    We are wanting to have sub contractors log in to the website and create invoices for the work that they do at the business site. I would like to have a way to show the invoice creation area on a page other than admin area.

    Question 1
    I use Genesis, so have a way to use the hooks to place PHP to display pretty much anything. I would like to know a php add filter to place in a hook to display the invoice creation page. Is this something you can point out to me please.

    Question 2
    I would like that the subcontractors can only see the list of invoices that they have created when they log in to the site. So if i have a Plumber, a Gardener, a Painter and a Handyman, I would like that these 4 people/users can only se what invoices they have created. Is this something we can do? I do not want to use any other plugin as your plugin looks to be the closest to what we want to keep using.

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  • Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hi cmwwebfx,

    Thats quite specific functionality you need there. Not something I see being in the plugin as standard functionality.

    I assume Genesis is a theme of some sort. I don’t think that really affects what we’re talking about here.

    I could look at building an ‘add-on’ plugin to handle this functionality. My workload at the moment is pretty up there so this isn’t something that I could work on straight away. Would you still be interested in it if I were to build it in say, the next 6 months (being realistic as this work for me is on the side to my full time job, it may not actually be that long)?

    Hi Ash,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my questions. Genesis is a theme framework, and has built in many hook locations, and an easy way to add php snippets to these locations. Do you have an Add action that I could try to place the invoices on a specific page?

    As for the writing up a plugin addon, it may be an option in 6 months, however we are looking at using this in a site that I am building now. I am thinking outside the square now, and a quick fix for me would be to enable this on a multisite environment and have each user/subcontractor in a very trimmed down site with permissions to invoice only.

    Do you see any complications with this workaround? Have you tested your plugin in Multisite? If it works on multisite then this will be a perfect solution to get around the per user have access to their own invoices being sent etc..

    Plugin Author Ash Durham



    Invoice King Pro wasn’t built with the mindset of it being frontend, so the simple answer is, no, there isn’t an add action for the invoice editor to go on the frontend.

    Regarding to it being tested on a multisite setup, no it hasn’t. My other plugin has had the same question and it is something that I will test, eventually. I don’t see any immediate issues with it working on the multisite, however, without really testing it, its all assumptions at this stage.

    As mentioned, my current workload is pretty loaded so I will add this to the list of things to build.

    Thanks for the suggestion. It will definitely be taken on board.

    Hi ash

    I can confirm that the plugin works flawless in multi site environment.
    One thing that is most likely simple to do is add user role capability. I have installed
    A plugin to create roles, no issue, but I need to know the id’s so I can assign capabilities
    To a role I have created.

    How might I find these for add and edit invoices, and add / edit clients?

    Thank you for your assistance thus far. Your support has given me a push in the right direction.
    I will be happy to share how I have done what I need to do with using your plugin and multisite
    Install for pet contractor invoice system.

    I just have to work out how to add role and capability to just use this plugin with hopefully a bit of
    guidance from you.


    Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hey Ciaran,

    Great to hear that it works in a multisite environment.

    What ID’s to you need exactly? ID’s of the users? Treat an invoice or a client like you would a post. These use custom post types. Hope that helps you with your development.

    As I don’t know exactly what your doing in the build, its hard to give you exact guidance for what you need, but I’ll certainly help as much as I can.

    Hi Ash,

    What I am trying to do is add a capability for a user so that they only have access to your plugin. I can create the role no problem, but it targeting the plugin with a capability for edit and add invoices that I am battling with.

    One of the role and capability plugins I tried asked for targeting the plugin capability ID. I was lost at that point.

    Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hi cmwwebfx,

    Sorry, the term “plugin capability ID” is unfamiliar to me. You may need to elaborate. Do you have links to the plugins that are requesting this so I can better help you by looking into the specific plugins?

    Hi Ash,
    Possibly I am using a terribly wrong term. What I would like is an end user can only see your plugin in the admin area. I have made a role called contractor, and I want that he can login to the admin area, and see and have access to only your plugin.

    Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hi CmwWebFX,

    Apologies for leaving you hanging here.

    I may have a solution for you if you still require it however I just wanted to confirm with you before I started to scope out the work necessary for it.

    I would be able to create a new capability for Invoice King Pro and add it to all the default roles. Given you have a custom role, we’d need the ability to assign the capability to your new role. What are you using to create your roles and assign capabilities to them?

    From there I guess all you would then do is allow that role only the capability to see Invoice King Pro and no other capability would exist.

    Does this sound like something that would benefit you?

    Hi there Ash,

    Thank you for your reply. Yes this sounds like it would help. I am at the moment working on using WordPress Multisite and then creating a user that will have the ability to use the invoice plugin only. This way the site becomes an invoicing machine for subcontractors. Each subcontractor will be setup as a small multisite with only invoice king enabled, and then all other admin menu’s removed.

    Hope this makes sense to do this as it will take care of per user having their own invoicing dashboard.


    Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hey Ciaran,

    Sounds like you have come up with a reasonable solution, certainly cleaner doing it with multisites as each subcontractor wont see anyone elses invoices bar their own.

    Let me know how go and if there is anything else I can help with.

    Hello to Everybody!!!

    This is Rana Khan and I have a business directory based on WordPress. My website is:

    I have gone through this post and I am also looking the same solution (since last six months). I have sales persons, doing marketing for my website and sell the subscriptions;

    I was looking CRM + Invoice solution, from where each salesperson can log all their contacts, communications and invoices through one place online.

    And same sort of capabilities that each salesperson can only see the invoices / details of his/her own clients only.

    Any advise, can I achieve this goal with this plugin?

    I would appreciate your cooperation.


    Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hi Bizibizi,

    Sorry for the delay in reply.

    At this stage, Invoice King Pro is only a simple manual invoicing system. By no means is it meant to be or replace a CRM system.

    Cmwwebfx came up with a solution by using a WordPress Multisite to handle multiple people being able to use Invoice King Pro and have their own login and invoices, while using the same invoice theme.

    This may cover half of what your looking for, but not all of it.

    Hope that helps 😉

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