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  • Hi,
    I cant assign permissions to view post depending of the user role. Maybe there’s some plugins which could help with this task.

    At least there’s no such native functionality with the plugin or I’m just clumsy and I couldn’t see.

    Anyway, I’m using “PublishPress Permissions”, and there’s an option to assign view or edit permissions by user role. But When I use this plugin with “Extended post Status”, it seems it broke it. I cant see posts inside the status, I mean. When you click to see on web, the list of posts from the status, nothing appears, also permissions didnt applied anyway, but plugin stop showing the info about the number of posts from status.

    The only way to fix it, is removing the status, and create it again. But once I edit, again the plugin PublishPress is taking charge of permission.

    The thing is, the setting “Public” didn’t applied, but show in admin status list.

    Here Img reference:

    When first create the status PublishPress didn’t applied yet, once I edit, it creates an id, then settings from “Extended post Status” breaks.

    So, it seems PublishPress plugin is not compatible with the plugin.

    If at least there’s some plugin compatible to assign user roles to view posts, for me it will be enough, but just let you know if for some reason at the future, you could create some compatibility with this awesome plugin.

    If natively, Extended post Status support user roles, something that I doubt at the moment, let me know…

    I also, I would like to add, that problem seems to be about be unable to publish those post from those status with PublishPress Id anymore.

    By the way, I love the plugin and I love also your support dedication and your fast responses. I was checking every post in case there was some similar problem like mine but no luck.

    If you need more information, or as I said you know some plugin to approach the funcionality user roles permissions thing, let me know.

    Cheers, and thanks in advance.

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  • A quick wave from the PublishPress team. If you need our help, just ping us.

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    I will also leave a comment in support forum from your plugin.

    Although, I would like to have a reply from developer of plugin “Extended post Status”

    Thanks in advance to both

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    Plugin Author Felix W.


    Hi @sinzeta

    so, did I get you right? You are searching for a way to show posts in the frontend separated by users role, thats why you use the PublishPress plugin, right? And now PublishPress somehow adds those fields to the status taxonomy from my plugin (as shown in your screenshot an this broke the plugin?

    If that (in short) ist basically your problem, I’ll need some time and will setup those two plugins, just to get a better view on whats happening there.

    Greetings Felix

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    Exactly, that is what has happened. What I have been able to see is that the PublishPress plugin believes that these states have been created by it.
    So, their state system, from what I have seen, which bothers me a lot, is that the states have them limited so that they are not public, and only used for publishers.
    I have a plugin for them, the permission plugin, but that is not the one with the states, the state plugin is the free PublishPress plugin.

    Ideally, your plugin would have a feature to define which roles can see the status.

    But hey … I think I can try to do it in a way that doesn’t break your plugin.

    Anyway, I would like you to investigate it and tell me what you think. It’s weird, but hey, it’s always nice to have knowledge.

    I tried to use their status system, but I don’t really like what I told you, there are characteristics of your plugin that doesn’t have theirs.

    To be able to put publications without appearing in the “all” status.
    And that the statuses can be public.

    Let’s see what you find, and if you can help me.

    Greetings and thanks for everything.

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