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  • Hi all – this has been hounding me for a while. I have searched the forums and tried a few things myself but this is obviously eluding me!

    OK – I need some sort of role where the user can login and go to the normal site’s page.

    At the moment I have tried a few things and changed their role to subscriber and so on – which is fine – but they don’t get dropped into the front page – they get dropped into the Site Admin page.

    I d/loaded a couple of plug ins that seemed to do this – but then I got nervous wondering what would happen when WP3.x comes along!

    So I want the user to login and just go to the normal front page of the site and not to the Dashboard or Site Admin (which IMHO needs to be renamed in this kind of instance).

    Any clues to a forum post are appreciated.



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    To accomplish this you will need to use a plugin, which you say you have discovered some of. You cannot do this with the standard functionality. The best thing to do would be to choose a recently updated or well-maintained plugin, that would be compatibile with 3.0 or will be updated quickly. You could even test it on a 3.0 beta test site.

    Hi there MrMist,

    The plugin I refer to is:

    And I see today that it has been updated to be compatible with WP3. Good news so far.

    But – I have created a new Role and assigned that to my user – but…it does not do what I thought it would! So I better read the docs on this one…

    Thanks for the prompt comments all the same. (I’ll update this later so at least future posters may know if there is a resolution.)



    Sorry to bump this up again – but I am not getting too far.

    Basically I have upgraded to WP3 and the new versions of Role Editor but am still not getting what I want.

    I want a standard WP site and then have a user log in and see a normal WP site (without being taken to the Admin section) but only “see” posts/pages that I want them to see.

    I decided to use Drupal but I don’t want to…I find WP so much easier to use!

    Help turn the tide…

    Maybe in your themes functions.php file…

    function your_function(){
    //if subscriber
Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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