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    Hi all,

    I run the ultimate member plugin on a club website and have some settings for the different user roles in Ultimate Member. For each age group of the club, i have different roles for the adults. So they can view particular user accounts based on the role restrictions.

    As example:
    Role ‘A’ can view en edit user accounts with Role ‘X’.
    Role ‘B’ can view en edit user accounts with role ‘Y’

    In this case, the role which i save last in Ultimate member is functioning. So users with role ‘B’ can view and edit users account with role ‘X’, thats not okay.

    I have tried different things, but nothing helps:
    – Setting up the priority of the user roles
    – Make a new user role with new settings
    – Deactivate other plugins
    – Check de error log file

    How can i fix this or where can i search for the right solution? 🙂

    Many thanks!

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  • Are you also setting the permissions on the actual pages as well under the UM Content Restriction permissions box?

    Restrict Access To This Content? Checked
    Who Can Access This Content? > Logged in users and select Admin plus the role that you want to access that page.


    But for permissions, that’s wordpress more than UM. If you don’t already, you could install the user role editor plugin and make sure the wordpress level permissions for the role are set.

    The thing is, it’s not selective. If you say this group can edit other people’s posts at all, they can edit all posts. It’s not a role function, it’s a permission.

    If I’ve misunderstood what you were trying to do, then disregard. Apologies.

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    Thanks for your response. I use the ‘permissions’ of the memberlists of UM. I have a memberlist that shows (in the settings) all users.

    The roles A, B and C can view the page where the memberlist is visible. Role A should see different members than role B and C, etc. But instead, they see the role members of the list I last edited.

    I understand that edit other users for alle roles is activated. But UM gives the option to view specific user roles, and i use that option in the UM roles setting to show specific users the frontend memberlist.

    As example:
    Roles ‘X’ are only visible for users with role ‘A’ in the memberlist and roles ‘Y’ are only visible for users with role ‘B’ etc.

    I have set the settings on this page of each user role:

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    Hi @thijmens

    Could you clarify the logic on your website. Can the user have role ‘A’ and role ‘B’ both on your website?

    Let me know,
    Best Regards!

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    Yes, users can have role ‘a’ and role ‘b’ on the website. Role ‘a’ is a group and the second role is setting the right permissions.

    To avoid errors I use the priority setting of a role, which gives the role with the correct permissions the highest priority.


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    Hi @thijmens

    Thanks for your response. Could you contact me via team@ultimatemember.com?
    I need you to clarify some details.

    Best Regards!

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