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    So I’ve got a membership site using MemberPress, along with its user role manager. When someone registers for the site, they’re given a ‘Subscriber’ primary role. Once they purchase a membership, their primary role is changed to ‘Member’. I assumed wpForo would notice this and update their Usergroup accordingly. Unfortunately, this is not happening. I have to keep hitting the Synchronize button on the Usergroup page to get new memberships recognized. Is this expected? Is there a way to automate the Synchronize process? Here’s before/after screenshots after 3 new memberships came in and I hit Synchronize:

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    Hi @3d0g,
    It synchronizes automatically if user role changing process goes through standard WordPress functions including the ‘set_user_role’ action hook. This is the correct and the only way to say other plugins that the user role is changed and initiate other processes like forum Usergroup synchronization.

    You can try it, in Dashboard > users > Edit User admin page. Just change a user role and you’ll see the wpForo Usergroup will be changed automatically according to the synchronization rules.

    So, if the MemberPress plugin doesn’t use WordPress standard functions and hooks when it changes the user role then it’s not compatible with other plugins too. I think you should ask this question to MemberPress support. If they have a specific hook please let us know.

    Thank you for the quick response!

    I just tried your test (temporarily changing a user’s primary role directly from the WP dashboard user editor) and when I look the user up on Dashboard > Forums > Members, his Groupid data does NOT reflect the change.

    Only after I force a Synchronize on the Usergroups page, his Groupid shows correctly. This would lead me to believe the issue is in wpForo, no?

    I’ve also tried clearing caches from the wpForo dashboard but that made no difference.

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    Please let me know from what user role you’ve changed to what user role and leave a screenshot of User Role synchronization list. It’s located under the Usergroup table in Dashboard > Forums > Usergroups admin page.

    First, here’s the response from MemberPress to your previous inquiry:

    MemberPress adds to and removes from the default role(s). So the WordPress hooks would be add_user_role and remove_user_role.

    I am changing a user from Subscriber to Member and back, outside of Memberpress, using the WP user editor and wpForo still doesn’t catch the change. Here’s a screenshot of the current User Role synchronization list:

    Just a thought – could this be another plugin conflicting? Are there any that wpForo doesn’t play nice with? Wondering if there’s other complicating factors here…

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    This maybe multi-role issue. As far as I see from the MemberPress response they add new role, they don’t change the role. So the user you’re testing has more than one user role. Here comes the problem. wpForo Usergroup-Role synchronization can’t work if a user has more than one role. You can see User Roles on Dashboard > Users Table in Roles column. Please check it and let me know how many user roles has the user you’re testing.

    Yes, I found MemberPress’ response a bit misleading as well. Without getting too far into the weeds, their approach does make sense in some cases as MemberPress supports a user having multiple, simultaneous subscriptions. We do not want that and set up the system to prohibit a user from signing up for more than one.

    So, short answer, all users have a single role.

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    Ok, thank you for the info. please contact us via support[at] email address for deeper support.

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