• cdbdb


    Users can’t upload anything “You do not have the permission to view this site” error shows off when clicking on submit post & stuff.

    Settings > General > New User Default Role > Authors (clicking SAVE)
    Users > Roles > Author (Granted 7 roles) :
    – General > Read
    – Posts > Edit Posts, Publish Posts, Read, Delete Posts, Delete Published Posts, Edit Published Posts.

    Do anyone knows how to fix that ?

    Thank You

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  • Justin Tadlock


    Do anyone knows how to fix that ?

    Sorry, I don’t cater to people who use the ratings system to manipulate me into supporting them.

    Next time, perhaps you should seek help first.

    @cdbdb… 1 star? Seriously? You won’t find a better supported, high quality, more useful and free plugin on the repo. Get support for your question through proper channels then come back here and give this plugin the 5 stars that it deserves.

    Edit: In looking at your other reviews, it seems you don’t understand how to obtain support for plugins on wordpress.org. Here’s the link to support for the Members plugin:


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