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    I have created a notification for ‘User Role Changed – For Admin’ by following the instructions but I have a problem. Here are the shortcodes I have used in the body:
    Recipient User ID: [email_user_id]
    Recipient User Email: [email_user_email]
    Recipient Display Name: [email_user_display_name]
    Recipient User Firstname: [email_user_firstname]
    Recipient User Lastname: [email_user_lastname]
    Recipient Nickname: [email_user_nickname]
    Used to be: [user_role_old]
    Is now: [user_role_new]

    However, in the notification email I receive my own details, instead of the details of the member which changed membership level:

    Recipient User ID: 2
    Recipient User Email: payments@tui-publications.com
    Recipient Display Name: editor
    Recipient User Firstname: Dimitri
    Recipient User Lastname: Vasileiou
    Recipient Nickname: editor
    Used to be: Subscriber
    Is now: s2Member Level 2

    The only correct details are:
    Used to be: Subscriber
    Is now: s2Member Level 2

    Every other detail is wrong.

    Here is a screenshot of the notification’s setup:

    Can you please help sort it out?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @dimitriosvasileiou,
    Thanks for your message.

    It’s possible that i’ve missed something in the documentation as (as far as I remember) you should be able to get this information out for this notification.

    Can you please try these shortcodes in addition to your recipient shortcodes?

    Author User ID: [user_id]
    Author User Login: [user_login]
    Author User Nicename: [user_nicename]
    Author User Email: [user_email]
    Author User URL: [user_url]
    Author User Registered: [user_registered]
    Author Display Name: [display_name]
    Author User Firstname: [user_firstname]
    Author User Lastname: [user_lastname]
    Author Nickname: [nickname]
    Author User Description: [user_description]
    Author Capabilities: [wp_capabilities]
    Author User Avatar: [user_avatar]
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    Thank you

    I will try that but I will need to wait for the next user role change before I can report back.

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    Letting you know that this worked well.

    It will be a good idea to change the ‘Insert Default Content’ so it works correctly.

    Plugin Author bnfw


    Hi @dimitriosvasileiou,
    Ah yes, well spotted. I’ll make sure the ‘Insert Default Content’ button functionality for this notification is updated as soon as possible.

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