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  • hi,
    for my 4th installation of wordpress i have a weird bug.
    When ppl register,they don t get the mail.As admin i get a mail sayin that a new user is registred, and the mail is sended by wich is not the mail i ve set in the option panel.
    If you think you have a clue for me, i ll deeply appreciate your help cause i have no ideas what to do :'(
    best regards

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  • Hi nocomp

    I’m having exactly the same problems as you and I found several posts that suggest some people have had this problem for months.

    I get an admin email to too (not my registered email)

    You say this is your 4th installation. Did you have the same problem with the other three??

    When I use the ‘forgotten password’ reminder I DO get an email with the new password in it!

    I hope we can sort this out as otherwise WP is perfect for my needs.


    hi steeve,
    i never got this prob before, that s why i am pissed off to have this one now,i have no clues about what to do :'(
    do you know where to change this wordpress mail setting?
    best regards

    this is the solution:
    replace what is in wp-login.php by this texte:

    [moderated code at ]

    That’s the whole file in that last post! What did you change? I am hesitant to just change the whole file without knowing what I am changing.

    I have the same issue as everyone else. I get the admin email when a new user registers. They never get their confirmation email. If they use the “forgot password” option, they also do not get an email. So the only way for me to get a new user up and going is to let them register, then when I get the admin email, I go to my site and manually change their password. Then I manually send them an email with their password. So any user registrations or changes that involve a user getting a password, I have to do manually.

    Anyone reading this because their users don’t get their password emails, look at the following link to Whooami’s site. There is a file to allow users to choose their own password. Emails still won’t be sent, but the users don’t need them as they choose, and know their password.

    I have the same problem. I’m not comfortable with replacing the whole code and I wonder what’s really going on.

    My php isn’t that great, but I can cut & paste. 🙂

    the fix for this was so incredibly simple for me that I’m surprised no moderators recommended it. After hours of heart burn from this issue and playing with plugins that didn’t work, it finally occurred to me that people kept mentioning “”. So I created an email account called “wordpress” and voila!, password sent.

    I hope this helps other too!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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