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  1. rwkiii
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I've been trying to find a flexible user profile plugin for a new site we are building. The site is for a small online gaming community of a few dozen users. The site is free. Specifically, it is for an Xbox gaming clan. There are so many user registration plugins and reviewing them all has been difficult.

    Some of what we are looking for:

    - A registration page that allows custom fields (textbox, checkbox, radio buttons, etc). There is a membership agreement as well. We would like to be able to use a shortcode on some pages that will display these custom fields. We would also like to have the registration page accessed via a simple URI such as /register/

    - A customizable login page that can be accessed via /login/

    - A user profile page that can be customized using shortcodes. It may show the user's picture, their bio, their contact information, etc.

    - We use bbPress for forums. It would be a big plus if user profiles were linked to forum users.

    - We would like to include an 'intelligent' Login/Register link at the top of our pages. One that would know when a user is logged in. Perhaps showing "Welcome user" along with a Logout option.

    It would be fine if this involves more than a single plugin, but if there is more than a single plugin it would be helpful if they used the same user profile data.

    I've gone through the WordPress plugin repository and looked at dozens of options. I'm just not seeing anything that stands out.

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