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  1. goldfingyr
    Posted 3 years ago #

    This is a very special problem.

    We are an association (bridge clubs). Bridge.dk is the main site. I am running a server for our clubs like club1.bridge.dk, club2.bridge.dk and so on.
    BUT the main site (bridge.dk) is not available to me. It is and will remain another server.
    Not a problem for me as I tweak /etc/hosts to believe that bridge.dk is in fact on my server for admin purposes. This means that I can only access super admin functions directly running on the server.
    But registrations fails of course because the request is rewritten to the main site (bridge.dk) which is....not there.

    How on earth do I solve that one?

  2. Multisite REALLY hates what you just did and the official answer is "That's not a supported use because Multisite assumes bridge.dk is there and is 'home base.'"

    I would have probably installed in wp.bridge.dk and then mapped wp.bridge.dk/club1 to club1.bridge.dk instead.

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