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  • I’ve set up my blog and everything except for one thing works correct.
    When users try to register they can and are added to the database but they never get their password emailed?
    Anyone has a solution for this?
    Oh btw: I myself am getting email notifications from wordpress-blog, so the mail() function and probably the sendmail() function are working..

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  • An identical Problem . I had installed WP on my site
    but the problem is if some user tries to register to the blog , they do not get their default passwords , thus rendering the whole blog unusable .Any one having any solution , please suggest or just mail

    Same problem for me. Another issue is that I dont get the comment notification email anymore either.

    Both used to work for me. Then I moved my blog from to and ever since the move its stopped working. I posted a question here but never got any feedback 🙁

    quite disapointed. It makes managing my blog very unmangeable.

    Hey there, i just setup my blog also and am having the same problem. New users are added to my database but no emails with password is going out?

    Any help greatly appreciated man.


    Theo Anthony

    I wonder if any of the moderators can help out there.

    I am wondering if this is a bug in wordpress where email alerts do not work on subdomains. This is quite frustrating, no new user emails, no new comment emails 🙁

    i have the same problem too.Search the forums but nothing 🙁

    Aha !

    I see quite a bit of us have the same trouble. Anyone found a fix yet?


    Same exact trouble here. WordPress will send an e-mail if a lost password reset is requested, but not on the initial registration. So it’s definitly wordpress. Any help?



    I’ve had this problem on my newly installed WP’s. Install, and WP sends standard ‘admin’ login email. Good.

    New user signs up, sends admin notification email. Good.
    Sends user password email – not received.

    New user attempts password recovery. “Email sent successfully” – not received.

    I’ve traced through the entire registration process as far as email sending, as well as the password recovery process, and I can’t make any sense of why it works for half the processes, and not the other. This is problem is always the same – always sends the admin notifications of new users, but never sends anything else (even for admin password recovery).

    WordPress is telling me it’s version 2.0.5. If I can offer any more assistance in finding the bug, let me know 🙂

    Edit: On a quick review of my 3 WP’s, the first is a, the other 2 are the first is as described above, the 2 in directories appear to send recovery and new user emails and to admin, but nothing else appears to be working. (Update may follow, if emails come through slower than I’m used to ;-))



    Just thought I’d add a little more detail. This is all running on a Debian Linux server using PHP 5.1.6-4, and Apache2. No errors appear to be arising from the mail command, and from what I can tell, it’s sending all emails. The problem doesn’t appear to be wordpress itself (although it’s possible that I missed something in the format of the email itself), rather something between the mail() function in PHP, and the sendmail command? It just seems rather peculiar that half the emails are sending, and half aren’t – and it seems to be always the same ones in each group.



    Same problem here – except no emails at all get sent from wordpress. Not the user registration ones, nor notifications for the admin – nothing. 2.0.6 version, running on

    Any plugin/manual fix ideas?



    Add me – I’m on 2.0.6 now and have the same problem:
    Admin gets notification with all data as stated in the code (username and email address), usert gets an email but WITHOUT ANY DATA. I added the lines that the user is expected to receive into the ADMIN message and nothing seems to be wrong there. Expect for a minor difference in code (admin email is sent from wp_new_user_notification by statement “@wp_mail…” where user email is sent by “wp_mail…”) the only difference I can think of is the location of the admin compared to the user (in my case, that is: admin on the machine where wordpress runs, and user on a different system.) That would mean a PHP or mail problem

    Same problem here. 2 things:

    – I found out initially when a user was having issues sending me an email from a form (“mail() not found” or some such msg; I turned off the contact form plugin.

    – Next, I found the registration email didn’t work. I have 2 blogs: one at a top level root directory; the other installed in a subdirectory. BOTH blog’s registration email did not work. I moved the sub-directory blog up to the root directory (for other reasons) and everything (forms, registration emails, lost password emails) started working again. The other, also in a root directory but not recently moved, still does not work.


    I reported the mail() to my host provider and they send it was a SMTP/Sendmail issue. I don’t know why that would matter give the “recently moved” blog started working again. After a classic IT/User conversation with my host provider that paralleled “Who’s on first?”, I gave up on having them help me resolve the issue.

    This thread is the most definitive of this problem and it begs for a moderator or member with a solution to step up and post a comment.

    In the meantime, I’m not touching the one that is working and I am going to try the WPPHPMailer plugin on the other.


    I downloaded WPPHPMailer from here:

    Plugin: wpPHPMailer

    and it worked as advertised. I had reviewed it before but there seemed to be quite a few issues in the log/comment area.

    I only used it on the (previously) non-working site — again, strange (same host, same database software, WP version, etc) as one works without WPPHPMailer and the other one needs it (

    It doesn’t look like it plays well with contact forms but I’ll work through that later.

    Hope this helps someone.

    Has anyone come up with a solution for this problem? I too have this exact issue, a new user registers and does not receive an email with a password. Can anyone please help with this?

    get_option('siteurl') somehow breaks the second email in wp_new_user_notification() in wp-includes/pluggable.php

    I replaced it for url of the site (hardcoded) and then it worked…

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