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  • Farokh


    WordPress gives us the ability to flag a comment as spam banishing the poster to infamy.

    Why not provide the same feature for user registration as well? I have a user who keeps registering on my blog. It is a spammer who keeps re-registering after I delete the registration. I recently decided to change their password, but that will not last long.

    I do not want to force people to register to read the blog. I may have to resort to kaptchas. The simplest solution is for WordPress to allow us to flag the user as spam banishing them into the bowels of wherever forever.

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  • f00bar


    Would this be a kind of IP address banning system? Because, otherwise I can’t really see a feasible way of judging if this is the same person. Unless of course he/she is stupid enough to register with exactly the same details every time 😛

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