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    could be doing something quite simple wrong as i have not seen anything on the web to help, for days!

    what i am trying to do is setup two login locations as in and so people registering only register to the page they are on and can only make changes to the page or site that they are on.

    the problem is even if people register to all changes they make are to

    it is a fresh install of wordpress 3 using fantasico and i am hosted by bluehost which i heard didn’t support sub domians installation of wordpress networks so its installed as sub directories.

    if you need more information please let me know, not really sure what going on.

    thanks for your help

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  • hmmm sorry i cant be of to much help, but i would think something about the databases or linked or something.. kind of weird. i would contact blue host. sounds weird. and if they dont provide subdomain installs of wp, then id get a better host.. cause thats lame.

    The multi site feature is setup to work from the main domain, and then create subdomains or subdirectories from there. If you have, as the register location, instead of, I don’t think that will work. You need to use as the location for registration, and then use as the new sites location.

    If you want to have a registration link from, have a manual link which redirects to the registration page from (instead of

    Hope that helps.

    Hi thanks for you comments and help.

    yeah bluehost does i found out. but still sub directories is kind of what i want to do.

    i cant just have a link cos it modifies the link. would the regestion page have the same url?

    i reinstalled and followed the tutorial on the wordpress site. only one difrence to the video i watched before was to remove the Remove the earlier placed ‘define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);’ line.

    but still i have the same problem.

    do you have to setup two database in the wp-config.php, as in add another $table_prefix = 'wp_';? i though it automaticly creaties the tables in the database?

    this is the tutial i followed:

    and here is my wp-config.php file:

    thanks for the help

    just done a manual install. still the the same problem. the way the server is setup is /public_html/thatsnotmyfish/files here – and there is other websites in /public_html/ .would this make a diffrence?

    It shouldn’t make a difference, but to test it, I’d suggest temporarily renaming the .htaccess file in public_html/

    If it still has problems even with that .htaccess file renamed, then it’s going to be something else.

    You may also be able to get the wildcard subdomain feature to work if you have a Dedicated IP address. I don’t know if it will work for all of your domains though. It may only work for your primary domain on the account.

    tryed rename the .htaccess file and no change. i have noticed that using the wordpress backend to disable user regestion on one site changes the other site too.

    does anyone know of an adequately large wall?

    Try the following for your setup and see if it helps things work better:

    yeah its getting better that really helped, but if i change the settings in network options it effects both sites, and there is no page displaying for one. it just redirects you to the login.

    thats what it displays in the url.

    so the last problem i had with users registering to the wrong sit is kind of fix by making sure i don’t have any conflicting names of category. and getting rid of the “blog” bit in the permelinks

    still havnt had a good look for the solution for the redict problem. let me know is you have seen any sultion with good results.


    some new info,

    my sites are in an addon domian (not sure if this makes a diffrence) with bluehost.

    i also loged into myphpadmin and noticed the “site_id” for the diffrent sites in “_blogs” bit were the same so i change one and it now displays both sites fine, but now when i log into the new site created with multi site i cant see the super admin secion any more and i cannont log into the main site atall.

    whats going on?

    is there a way i can manually set multi site up in phpadmin though just editing the tables? are they table?’|”?”|>

    is there any were i can see how it is meant to look in phpadmin after setting up multi site?

    plus as to my last comment about getting redirected, i have tryed many solution with no effect.

    its all good, seem to be learning alot about wordpress but i could really do with some help.

    all good

    turns out it to do with bluehost not wanting you to have millions of sites. you can have subdirectorys using the force subdirectory link above IF its on you primary domian NOT an addon domian.

    i might have been able to have a deadacated ip but the would problly have given me brain cancer and made me dead

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