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  1. steve02a
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Helping a friend figure this out. His WP Site: http://sanramonshops.com/wordpress/

    The author of a blog - the image isn't showing. I've seen several discussions about this issue.

    Some more information: don't want to use gravatar.com - that's out of the question. I've seen dozens of posts saying to just use this plugin, but I don't want to use this crazy plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/profile-pic/ - too much PHP code changes involved..not all that user friendly on the admin side.

    When logged into WP on the backend and viewing the user profile, there is no where to upload or associate an image. In settings --> discussion, there is nowhere to upload/associate a profile picture/image or even gravatar. When creating a new blog entry or commenting on one - nowhere to add a user image/author image.

    So really, there will be only two users actually posting blog entries here. Why is WP making it so difficult to have an image associated w/the author? Does anyone have a simple solution or is this difficulty by nature in WP - or am I just flat out missing something here?

    Thanks in advance.


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