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  1. prairiefox
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Not sure if this is a WordPress thing or a Headway Themes issue.
    My customer is trying to make a new Post as Editor or even as Admin and is having trouble with the content managment bar with not being able to have access to options such as importing Word docs and choosing to use HTML mode over regular mode.

    She is also having issues with not being able to see the text in the content area of her new Post, but I can see the text when I go in on my computer as her profile or mine. Again not sure if this is her computer settings or what is going on here.

    Myself who is the admin for my profile I can see the full menu bar and have full access which is to be expected.

    There are two websites she has which are a .ca which works fine and then her new .com which we are a having struggles with. The .com is all up to date, ironically, and the .ca is a few versions behind with WordPress and Headway Themes. Also she has an Akismet key setup on the .ca but not yet, on the .com. Could this cause the issue at all.

    We very much appreciate a quick response that can help us resolve this.
    Thank you.

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