User Profile Images from the mainpage dont show up in a subdomain installation (4 posts)

  1. bffnb
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    im building a multisite wordpress site with a forum as subdomain. Im using the bbpress Plugin. My Users only can log in from the mainpage (mydomain.com). The forum is on forum.mydomain.com

    My users can also upload a Profil Image in the mainpage (mydomain.com). All functions so far are working fine, but the user Profile images does not show up in the subdomain forum - user Profiles. It shows me the default grey/white wordpress avatar.

    My users are all listed in the backend of the mainpage as well in the Network Admin Users list but not in the forum users list (backend).

    I have no idea why the user profile images dont aply - Any idea how to achieve that - or any setting or something else i miss?

    Thank you so much and best regards

  2. What plugin is used for the profile image?

    Is it network activated?

  3. bffnb
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    i dont use a plugin - I checked everything again - the problem is i guess my custom theme...
    In the network admin there are no images? only the users... the avatars only show up in the mainsite :(

    I FOUND this in the file (mainsite) where you can upload the images:

    $imgsrc = wp_get_attachment_image_src($user_info->mb_user_avatar,'thumbnail');

    and this in the functions.php:

    update_user_meta($_POST['avatar-userid'], 'mb_user_avatar', $attach_id);

    Is there a way to display the avatars of a subdomain from the mainpage?


  4. Well... Okay then the issue is that your theme is setting this profile, and it's not network wide.

    In theory if you moved that code to a plugin and not a theme, it'd work. Or if you use the same theme on every site on the network.

    What theme is this? 100% all custom?

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