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  • I want to alter the way priveledges work for a specific implementation at work…I need to allow users to register, post, and add/delete links. I do NOT want them to be able to add/edit post categories or link categories (or anything else, for that matter.) Just links and posts. I’ve experimented with different user levels and whatnot (ver. 1.0.1), but it seems to be an all or nothing proposition.
    So, if I were to go in and do some hackifying, what wp files would I be looking in? Just point me in the right direction, and I’ll start poking around.

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  • What I had in mind for a future version of WordPress is two kinds of user levels, user_level would be come admin_level and edit_level.
    Admin level would deal with things like editing and deleting users, changing categories, and of course options. Edit level would allow editing other posts, let people edit posts of users on the same level if the level was 2 or higher, and generally do stuff like that. If you wanted to write this in as a patch it is highly likely it would be incorporated into the main release.

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