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    Hello guys,

    On my website, I have several categories where each one talks about different subjects (Health, Business, Investments, Music, Technology, …). And I would not like all authors on my site to have access to all of these categories, for 3 reasons:

    – First because I would not like all authors to have the freedom to publish in any category of my website.

    – Second because sometimes an author only writes about 1 specific subject, but when he is on the post’s edit page, and needs to select the category to publish the post, he will see several categories unnecessarily, because if he will only ever publish in a single category, so it should show only that category and the subcategories so he can select.

    – And third because if a certain author writes a single subject, then on the page of list of published posts, he does not need to see the posts of the other categories, but only, the posts of the category that he writes and has access to. In this case, the author could even filter to show posts from all categories, but as he is configured to have access to only one category, then by default, as soon as he accesses the list of posts page, he will show the posts of category that he has access to (that is, the filter is automatically activated to show posts from that category), however, if he wishes, he can simply change the filter to show posts from other categories. This is interesting because the author who wants to write about only one subject, he stays within one environment, and is not distracted by other subjects.

    Thank you!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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