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  • I am wondering if it is possible to make it so a user that signs up can edit only one page? I would prefer that this happen automatically, but I would also be fine with having to manually assign a page to the specific user. I don’t want them to be able to touch any other functions, or see any other information when they log into the admin panel. They should only be able to manage one page, and nothing else.

    Is this possible? If so, how would I go about making it happen?


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  • I would also be interested in this feature…

    the closest thing I could find was:
    Role Manager

    while being very powerful it doesn’t quite solve my problems

    Ditto, would like to be able to manually assign a single specific page to a single specific user.

    Anyone got any ideas on how to do this efficiently?

    still looking for a solution to assign one page manually to a user and let that be the only page they can edit.

    I would be interested in this too. Have any of you got it to functioning? I have tried Role Manager and looked at a new plugin Role Scoper but haven’t yet figured out how to do JUST this.

    I’m sure this can be done. Someone must know, so please tell?

    I have search in the forum and a lot of people is asking for this function but never got any answer. So please Moderators tell us if this can’t be done so we don’t keep asking so we know.

    I just answered this question for a commenter on my site concerning how Role Scoper can help you accomplish this.

    To enable a user to edit one particular page, but not anything else:

    1. Give them a WordPress role of Subscriber
    2. Manage > Pages > Edit their page
    3. Expand the “Editors” tab under “Advanced Options”
    4. Check the non-braced checkbox to the left of your user’s name (if child pages will be created, also check the braced checkbox {[]}, which assigns the role for all current or future child pages)
    5. Save the Page

    Note that if you also assign this user a Role Scoper Blog Role of Page Author, they will be able to create child pages off their member page, but not off any other pages:

    1. Go to WP Admin > Roles > Blog Roles
    2. Select your user name(s)
    3. Select the Page Author role
    4. Click Update

    OR, if you want all subscribers to have this ability:

    1. Go to WP Admin > Groups > Blog Roles
    2. Select [WP Subscriber]
    3. Select the Page Author role
    4. Click Update

    If you’re thinking automation
    Role Scoper won’t create the member page for you, though that would be a nice feature and some other plugin might do so. Here’s a code clue. Once the page exists (and assuming you assigned the Page Author Blog Role to [WP Subscriber] above), it’s just a matter of

    //$user_id = ID of member receiving the page role
    //$post_id = ID of member page
    global $wpdb;
    "INSERT INTO $wpdb->user2role2object_rs
    (src_or_tx_name, role_type, role_name, assigner_id, scope, obj_or_term_id, assign_for, inherited_from, user_id)
    VALUES ('post', 'rs', 'page_editor', '1', 'object', '$post_id', 'both', '0', '$user_id')" );
    // of course, if there's a chance this will be executed more than just at user registration,
    // you would need to check for an existing entry before inserting

    kevinB – AWESOME! Works like a charm.

    kevinB – Question on your plugin with the settings you described above. How do I allow those users with specific pages the ability to upload images?

    I may figure it out but just in case šŸ™‚

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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