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  • Hello! I have written before about this issue. Now I have confirmed that it is the project panorama plugin the one messing with my subscriber’s passwords.

    The problem is quite inconsistent, sometimes it appears, sometimes it doesn’t.
    I’m using Project Panorama (paid), and in its login page is where the problem happens. Here’s what happens:

    1st attempt to login: User and Password wrote correctly. Doesn’t login and doesn’t display error message.

    2nd attempt to login: I write User correctly and add an extra character to the password. It logins.

    3rd attempt to login: I write User and password correctly. It gets in.

    4th attempt to login: I write User and password correctly and doesn’t get in.

    I installed the Project Panorama in

    I believe the problem could be originated from my WP install. I started in a local host and then moved that to the public host. To keep my WP installation folder clean I have the WP contents in a subfolder. It’s all running in a IIS server.

    I’ve noticed the company logo that is supposed to take you back to the website redirects the user to so I believe the plugin is somekind confused and that’s why it is generating the password conflict. However, I should note that this password conflict never happens when we login from the wordpress login (the one that takes you to the WP dashboard), and when I’m there as a subscriber and try to get to the project panorama dashboard it takes me to a wrong URL (with /Tigerflow/jobs).

    Could you guide me into which files should I check on my server? I have no clue where the project panorama saves it’s settings, so I think there could be the problem.

    Please, I appreciate your help to fix this problem. Thank you,

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  • You can write me an email so I can facilitate a user and password for testing. 🙂

    Plugin Author 3pointross



    We replied to your ticket through our support desk, did you not get it? I suspect that it’s related to a security plugin or login captcha plugin. Panorama simply skins the WordPress login, it doesn’t modify, touch or alter the login system, password or users. We’ve also never had this reported elsewhere so it’s likely a plugin conflicting with Panorama.

    If you submit another ticket or respond to our response we can help you through the support desk. This area is specifically for the unpaid version.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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