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  • Need help to resolve following issue: User not receiving email with link to set password.

    Using my WP Admin Dashboard:

    Created a new page and added a test comment. Received notification that comment was added. Point is: admin email (hotmail) works.

    Added new user (no password) via WP Admin Dashboard, added Username, Email and checked Send User Notification.
    Admin email (hotmail) notified the new user was added.
    User email (gmail) notified and sent link to set password.
    All well here.
    Deleted the new user.
    Point is: Admin (hotmail) and User (gmail) email work.

    On WP site created a MemberOnly Page as a test, added to main menu and blocked that page alone.

    WP-Members plugin setup:

    Pages & Posts: Do not block.
    Checked Notify admin & Moderate registration

    Using WP-Members:

    Attempted to login to MemberOnly page on my WP site – failed (as expected).
    Clicked to continue.
    Registered the new user using the same name and email as prior example.
    New user successfully added as per Users in WP Admin Dashboard.
    Also, following message (as per dialog box) displayed after registration:

    Congratulations! Your registration was successful.
    You may now log in using the password that was emailed to you.

    User email (gmail) received following message:

    Thank you for registering for
    Your registration has been received and is pending approval.
    You will receive login instructions upon approval of your account

    User email (gmail) received no message with link to set password.
    Admin email (hotmail) received no email indicating a user was added.

    Really would like to get this plugin working. Seems to be no ‘communication’ between the plugin when adding a user and the WP site.

    Using Win7, have read ALL of the doc. Cannot access the ROcketForums forums as that seems to be a pay for item and I certainly will not pay if I cannot get the basic functionality working.

    THANKS for the help – Ken Cooper

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    I received an email from this user with the same question, to which I provided the following response:

    If the you have the plugin configured for moderated registration, you do need to activate the user prior to the user receiving a password. Upon registration, the user will receive an email indicating their registration was processed. Upon approval, they will receive login credentials for the site.

    Note that the successful registration message displayed on the page is the default message and since you have moderated registration enabled you would want to change that in the Dialogs tab to something that makes sense to your configuration (like “you will receive login credentials upon account approval”).

    If you’re not receiving admin notification, check the setting in the Options tab for admin notification. If it is set and you’re not receiving the message, there is information on troubleshooting email here:

    WP-Members FAQs

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