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  • I changed my email address in my account profile so I could use my regular one to create a new account with a different user name. (I’d love to just change my user name on the account I have, as would a whole lot of other people apparently considering all the posts I found on the subject, yet won’t let anyone for some unknown reason).

    So I changed my email address, logged out, then tried to register a new user name with the old email address and it said the email address is already registered. Except it’s not.

    Is this just a matter of waiting for the system to figure that out or will I never be able to register my new user name with my regular email address even though I have no user name registered with it at all?


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  • Have you tried again since?

    I just tried again and it still didn’t work.

    Since it isn’t working I decided to change my email address back, which will also show my custom gravatar, only now THAT won’t work. I go edit my profile, enter my email address, as well as update my website address and hit the update button, but neither of those things actually update and my gravatar stays the same.


    [No bumping, thank you.]

    What domain name are you using for the email address (the bit after the @)?

    Sorry, but it didn’t appear my issue was ever going to get resolved. I never use that default address I created in Yahoo but I’ve had to keep my Yahoo window open for four days just to be notified of wordpress forum replies.

    My domain name for my address is

    By the way, it’s not updating my website either. It currently says, but I keep trying to change it to and it doesn’t update.

    I appreciate your help muchly.

    My domain name for my address is

    That is not the domain for the email address you used for this account.

    By the way, it’s not updating my website either.

    That has nothing to do with your profile here.

    By the way, so I don’t get busted for bumping or re-creating a new post on the same topic in the future, is there a time limit on that? How many days/weeks should I wait before trying to get someone’s attention? I’m not trying to be disrespectful here. Just need to know.


    Bumping topics is not allowed here at all.

    That is not the domain for the email address you used for this account. is the domain for my regular email address, the one I originally set this account up with and the one I want to set it back to. I thought that’s what you were asking for. is the domain for temporary address I changed it to so I could create a new account using the first email address and the user name I actually want. However, at this point, just changing my email address back to the one is fine.

    That has nothing to do with your profile here.

    Why does my profile page have a field for “Website” then? Maybe you misunderstood me. My website used to be, which is what my profile has listed, but is now When I change it and hit update, it doesn’t actually update, just as it doesn’t actually update my email address when I try to change it.

    Thanks for your help.



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    What email do you want in your profile? I’ll see if I can change it. I just changed the website field. That field is simply an option if you want to put a website address there – it’s not mandatory.

    Ideally we need to know what email address is being used on your account now – for obvious security reasons. Just the domain name is all that is needed.

    I just realized I had said that I currently have a email address on my account now, but it’s It was created through yahoo, so I got confused. As I said, I never use it.

    WPyogl, I figured the reason for the website on the profile was so people could find it if they clicked on your profile. However, I also mentioned it wouldn’t change because it seemed like the fact that neither my email address or website name would update was related.


    I can’t believe I can’t get a simple issue like this resolved and after a week of waiting for help I’m still not allowed to bump it or repost the question. Good thing I wanted to create a new email address anyway, which I intend to use as my primary email now. I used that to create a new account with the user name I wanted in the first place.

    I have gotten a lot of great help on this forum, which I appreciate greatly. WPyogi was particularly helpful to me recently and I know many people who help on this forum are volunteers, so I don’t want to blast the volunteers. It just seems there’s got to be a better way.

    Yes Jennifer, sometimes the support here is “hurtin” to say the least. I’ve got a gripe with this situation also. When working with user accounts and testing membership functionality, developers have to create several unique email addresses because of this issue.

    You cannot:
    1: Use the same email address to signup twice
    2: Delete an account and use the email address again

    So how do you remove these user email addresses from WP database after deleting a user?

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