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  1. doctorcilantro
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi all,

    I have a situation where I can not allow contributers to have spaces in their names (conflicts with a Feedback plugin). CMS Press is used to generate a new post "Feedback" which takes its title from the newly registered contributer.

    My problem is twofold.

    I myself, used a user name, e.g. user, during set up of my site which is now shown as:

    user-3 for my permalink

    I had a user today use spaces in their user name.

    Neither of us have our name posted in our feedback threads.

    I'm trying to learn how I can get deeper into WordPress and purge users and fix the issue of my user (a contributer) being forced to user-3. I'll post more on this little as I have to run.

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