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  • For newer Facebook users (users who have created accounts in the last 60 days or so – it’s hard to get an exact timeframe), the login panel won’t show their name or profile picture. Also, the user information in the WP-Admin system doesn’t have their name either. Their name does show down by the comment box by a post though.

    I’ve setup myself a test facebook account to try to troubleshoot this and been through every privacy setting I can think of. Using other facebook connect sites worked just fine with the account – just not a wordpress site. I’ve tried to trouble shoot the code, but had little success.

    I’ve tried different versions of the WP-FacebookConnect plugin. I’m even currently using the development version. It hasn’t seemed to make any difference.

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    I have the same issue.

    The plugin works well – people can connect and post comments with their full name shown next to their comment.

    However, when I go to the admin panel to take a look at the user database, I noticed that their first and last name fields are not filled in (and they do not have any picture) – so all i know is their fb123457 userid number. This information is insufficient because i have no way of knowing who is who (eg to ban them) once i go to the admin view.
    is there a way to fix this bug where FBconnect does not fill in their names or pictures to the user database?

    I’ve tried to go through the code for the WP-FBConnect and I cannot seem to find the part where the database is populated with the FB data. If somebody points me in the right direction, I can poke/prod/tinker with the code and see if it works. Thanks in advance!

    Do we have any update to this ?


    Same issue. Hope we see an update from the dev. soon, this plugin seems to have the most promise out of all the similar solutions.

    Someone posted a fix to this issue (I am surprised that it hasn’t been incorporated yet into the actual release):

    Hi, I managed to get the logged in user’s avatar and name to display using the fix above, but they still can’t see other people’s avatars or names in the comments. Anyone having this issue? Older facebook accounts don’t have this problem.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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