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  • Migrating a large site with 400k+ users to WordPress and the Users management page is blank. Is there a User management plugin that can handle a large number of users?

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  • Are you talking about WPMU?

    See and the couple of related tickets on user functionality-related performance.

    Your error log might reveal an out of memory problem. I honestly doubt it’s an easy one to fix, too.

    It’s possible to create a plugin that basically overrides the WP users functionality, yes, in such a way that it users a roles table. This was done by Sam for BBPress. I’m not aware of any for WP, but porting Sam’s plugin to WP shouldn’t be too much work.

    quick aside, too: if you need paid-for support to fine-tune this part of WP and others on your site, email sales at semiologic dot com.

    It’s for a regular installation of WP.

    I was going to start on a plugin but wanted to check if there was a fix available.

    If you have an analysis why the page get’s blank this should be fixed in wordpress core. You have some facts, or some code/stubs/dumps for 400k+ users to test?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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