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  • ralnic


    I have a local wordpress installation that we use as our intranet site to make daily reports available to everyone. I have one user who logs in and is always sent to her profile page as apposed to the sites home page. We are using the Buddypress plugin as well as Simple LDAP login. I’m pretty sure it’s the BuddyPress profile page that she’s directed to. I’ve cleared cache and cookies, and tried different web browsers. Anyone know how I can force her to the home page? thanks.

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  • Cory


    Hi there.

    Are you confident she is the only user this happens to? Have you confirmed that she has the user role you intend her to have (‘subscriber’, ‘editor’, etc.)?

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    Hi Cory, thanks for responding.

    No, apparently she’s not the only one this happens to. I’ve heard some others have this issue as well. What I’ve learned since posting this is that it doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes she’ll log in and go to her home page. It seems to be almost random. Her primary role is ‘subscriber’.



    A few questions you might ask to narrow down what’s happening:

    What are the users doing when it happens?
    Are they entering the URL straight into the address bar?
    Are they clicking on a link in an email?
    Are they clicking on a specific “login” link on the site?
    Depending on what a user’s original (before login challenge) destination is, it may affect where they get sent after login.

    Do the others having this issue have the same Subscriber role?

    Is there anything else similar about the other users?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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